Qualitative Filter Papers Grade 1 (Sheets) Whatman

  • Sheets: 26 x 31 mm to 600 x 600 mm
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Product Description

A widely used standard grade filter paper for routine applications with medium retention and flow rate. It covers a wide range of laboratory applications and is frequently used for clarifying liquids.

Properties :

  • Particle retention1: 11µm
  • Nominal thickness: 180 µm
  • Nominal basis weight: 87 g/m2
  • Nominal ash content2: 0.06%
Applications : Grade 1 is the most widely used filter paper in routine applications requiring medium retention and flow rate, and is most frequently used for clarifying liquids. Specific applications include:
  • Qualitative analytical separation for lead sulfate, calcium oxalate, and calcium carbonate
  • Soil analysis and seed testing
  • Separating foodstuffs from associated liquid or extracting liquid
  • Collecting atmospheric dust for photometric measurement
  • Gas detection through the addition of a chromogenic reagent