Thermo Cycler Gradient รุ่น TC1000-G ยี่ห้อ ONILAB

TC1000-G _

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165,000.00 ฿


Product Description

Thermal cyclers are the instruments used to amplify DNA segments and perform temperature sensitive
reactions. These thermal cyclers consist of a block designed to accommodate micro centrifuge tubes or
96-well plates for precise temperature control and uniform operation. These are useful in molecular
genetics research areas like genetic finger printing, DNA cloning, DNA sequencing, genetic testing,
prenatal testing, tissue typing, preimplantation of genetic diagnosis, quantitative determination of
gene expression levels etc.

Features High precision temperature control with accurate heating/ cooling rates. Large LCD digital touch panel screen for easy programming with clear display and user friendly software. Heating lid is movable and adjustable to ensure minimum loss of reaction by evaporation. Heating lid is also useful for the maintenance of homogenous temperature in the PCR tubes. Aluminum made adapter block for efficient heat transfer. User defined large program storage system with max. of 16 folders and 16 files in each folder.