SPE-12 Solid phase extraction instrument

  • Product description: SPE-12 Solid phase extraction instrumentSPE-12 Solid phase extraction (SPE) is a widely used and popular sample pretreatment instrument
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21,000.00 ฿


Product Description


  1. Good sealing, high consistency, anti-cross pollution and anti-atomization vacuum tank design.
  2. Simple and rapid operation; easy to collect analysis components and process small sample
  3.  can be equipped with large-capacity  collection containers, can process samples in batches or can process samples individually
  4. The vacuum tank is made of special hard and thickacrylic,and its wall thickness is uniform, whistan high negative pressure above-80kpa.
  5. The internal  test tube racks are made of high polymer materials, which are beautiful and corrosion  resistant and will not be deformed under hig pressure for long-term use.
  6. The liquid circuit switch adopts high-quality valves , each valve independent control,durable and easy to operate.
Application solid phase extraction is used in applicationsuch as environmental water quality  analysis, food safety analysis,pharmacetical analysis, and bioengineering. Analysis, of pesticide residues : such as traces of copper in water, chalk in terference in pesticides, organic  matter in air , etc. Food analysis : vegetables, fruits, fruits, cereals, oils fish, etc. Biopharmaceutical analysis : serum, blood, plasma, urinre,etc. Drink analysis : juice, wine , etc. Veterinary drug residue analysis