Sample Concentrator รุ่น NDK200-1N ยี่ห้อ MIULAB

Sample Concentrator รุ่น NDK200-1N ยี่ห้อ MIULAB

ราคาเครื่องรวม block 1.5 ml x 12 จำนวน 1 block ไม่รวม regulator และ ชุดแก๊ส

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Product Description

Product description: NDK200-1 nitrogen concentrator is mainly used for enrichment of large-volume sample or preparation (such as drug screening, hormone analysis, liquid phase, and mass spectrometry in the analysis of sample preparation). Working principle: the nitrogen into the heated surface of the sample and make the solvent t evaporate and separated rapidly, thereby reaching the sample enrichment purpose without oxygen, keep the sample purer. Nitrogen concentrator instrument can concentrated dozens of samples simultaneously, saving time and high efficient, instead of rotary evaporation instrument.
Product features

1. Synchronously working with heating by dry bath in the bottom and nitrogen blowing on the surface accelerates liquid evaporation and sample concentration. 2. The position of gas needle in air cavity can be adjusted to suit for different types of tubes. 3. The height of the air cavity can be adjusted. The length of a standard gas needle is 150mm. 4. Gas needle is controlled independently. Separately blow of each needle and flow regulating of each needle are available to avoid gas waste. 5. The entire equipment can be put into ventilation cabinet when the concentration sample in toxic solvents. 6. Built in overheat protection, automatic fault detection and fault beep alarm devices. 7. LED display immediate temperature and diminishing time. Operation is simple and convenient. 8. Standard configured air cavity and adjustable bracket.