Qualitative Filter Papers Grade 3 (Sheets) Whatman

  • Sheets: 26 x 31 mm to 600 x 600 mm
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11,200.00 ฿


Product Description

A standard grade filter used in qualitative analytical techniques to determine and identify materials. For use in büchner funnels.

Prepleated qualitative filters are also available, which give improved flow rate and increased loading capacity compared to equivalent flat filters.


  • Particle retention1: 25µm
  • Nominal thickness: 210 µm
  • Nominal basis weight: 92 g/m2
  • Nominal ash content2: 0.06%
Applications Grade 3 is double the thickness of Grade 1, so it can hold more precipitate without clogging and has increased wet strength. It is designed for use in Büchner funnels, and the high absorbency makes Grade 3 well suited for sample transport after collection.