Option Rotor : High speed refrigerated centrifuge รุ่น TGL-20MB ยี่ห้อ Medspin

Max. speed : 20000rpm

Max. RCF : 27800xg

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Product Description

Benchtop High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge 
Model: TGL-20MB 

TGL-20MB and TGL-20M are microprocessor controlled centrifuges used in auxiliary laboratories in industry colleges & Research institutions bio technology medical laboratories hospitals pharmaceutical laboratories and agriculture soil testing for determination of moisture equivalent of soil. It is also suitable for determination of settlement of paints pastes cosmetics and food products.

Technical data
Model TGL-20MB TGL-20M
Screen LCD color Screen LED Digital Screen
Machine body Plastic and metal frame Metal frame
Max. speed 20000rpm 20000rpm
Max. RCF 27800xg 27800xg
Max capacity 4x100ml 4x100ml
Temp range (at RT25℃) -20℃~+40℃ -20℃~+40℃
Temp accuracy ±2℃ ±2℃
Speed accuracy ±20rpm ±20rpm
Timer range 1min~99min59s 1min~99min59s
Acceleration Rates 1~10 --
Deceleration Rates 1~10 --
Motor Converter motor Converter motor
Noise <55db <55db
Power supply AC220V 50/60Hz 18A AC220V 50/60Hz 18A
N.W. 70kg 75kg
G.W. 80kg 85kg
Dimension 620×500×350mm(L×W×H) 620x500x350ml(LxWxH)
Packing Size 720×610×450mm(L×W×H) 720×640×460mm(L×W×H)


Medspin Centrifuge

Medspin Centrifuge