MK200-1 Series Dry Bath Incubator ยี่ห้อ ALL SHENG

Temperature Control Range : RT+5°C~150°C

Dimension(L x W x H) mm  : 280 x 240 x 110

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Product Description

MK200Series Dry Bath Incubator

MK200-1、 MK200-2 and MK200-4 are high temperature Dry Bath Incubator controlled by microcomputer, the highest temperture of MK200-1 and MK200-2 can reach 150℃. And the higest temperature of MK200-4 can reach 120℃.

Model  MK200-1  MK200-2  MK200-4
 Temperature Control Range  RT+5°C~150°C  RT+5°C~150°C  RT+5°C~120°C
 Timing Range  1min~99h59min  1min~99h59min  1min~99h59min
 Temp. Control Accuracy @40~100°C  ±0.5°C  ±0.5°C  ±0.5°C
 Temp. Control Accuracy @40°C  ±0.3°C  ±0.3°C  ±0.3°C
 Temp. Control Accuracy @120°C  ±1°C  ±1°C  ±1°C
 Heating Time(40°C to Max.Temp.)  ≤30min  ≤30min  ≤30min
 Display Accuracy  0.1°C  0.1°C  0.1°C
 Dimension(L x W x H) mm  280 x 240 x 110  280 x 240 x 110  380 x 240 x 110
 Quantity of Blocks  1  2  4
 Display  LED  LED  LED