Filter Funnel with Clamp, PSF, 250ml, 47mm

Filter Funnel with Clamp เนื้อ PSF, Funnel Cap 250ml, dia. 47mm

ยี่ห้อ NALGENE , USA

cat no. DS0315-0047

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Product Description

  • ยี่ห้อ NALGENE , USA
  • Funnel Cap. : 250 มิลลิลิตร
  • Diameter  : 47 มิลเมตร

Product Description

Filter Funnel with Clamp, polysulfone funnel:polypropylene copolymer cover; TPE cap; silicone gasket; No. 8 rubber stopper; aluminum clamp
Durable, break-resistant plastic filter funnel complete with clamp for use in microbial and particulate analysis. Same funnel design as glass funnels -but break resistant. Clear polysulfone is non-toxic, exhibits low protein binding and is easy to clean. Upper reservoir is graduated in 25-ml increments from 100 to 250 ml. No leakage or bypass even after autoclaving. Membrane support plate firmly holds 47-mm membrane. Snug- fitting cover has three ports, each fitted with friction-fit cap. Spring-loaded clamp holds funnel and stem together yet allows easy access for retrieval and replacement of membrane. Clamp allows one-handed operation. Funnel may be used with any filtering flask or filter manifold which accepts a No. 8 rubber stopper with a 9/16-in. (15-mm) hole (Cat. No. DS0396-0080,. Funnel available separately. Autoclavable/Graduated stopper  



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