Dry Bath Incubator รุ่น MK2000-2 Series ยี่ห้อ ALL SHENG

Temperature Control Range : RT+5°C~105°C

Dimension(mm) : 365 x 210 x 150

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Product Description

MK2000 Series Dry Bath Incubator

1. Exceptional temperature uniformity and accuracy
2. Wide range of interchangeable aluminium blocks
3. Heat up to 105℃, optional external temperature probe
4. Blocks as accessories for all applications — tubes, vials and microplates
5. Block extraction tool is supplied, allowing blocks to be removed easily
6. Auto-stop and sound-alert after program completed
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Model  MK2000-1  MK2000-2  MK2000-2E
 Temperature Control Range  RT+5°C~105°C  RT+5°C~105°C  RT+5°C~105°C
 Timer range  1min-99h59min  1min-99h59min  1min-99h59min
 Timing Range  ≤0.5°C  ≤0.5°C  ≤0.5°C
 Temperatur Stability @100°C  ±0.2°C  ±0.2°C  ±0.2°C
 Uniformity: within the block @37°C  ----  ±0.3°C  ----
 across similar block @37°C  ≤20min  ≤20min  ≤20min
 Display Accuracy  0.1°C  0.1°C  0.1°C
 Block Quantity  1  2  2(Independent)
 Net Weight  2.5kg  4.5kg  4.5kg
 Dimension(mm)  250 x 190 x 130  365 x 210 x 150  365 x 210 x 150