Dlsb-10/10 Recirculating Water Chiller รุ่น DLSB 10L-10

Dlsb-5/10 Recirculating Water Chiller รุ่น DLSB 5L-10

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Product Description


The application of Low temperature circulating pump:DLSB low temperature pump adopts mechanical refrigeration low temperature circulating equipment and provide constant current and constant voltage circulating liquid to meet the requirement of the decreasing instrument (electric microscope, electricity probe,x-ray machine,laser reactor and accelerator) so as to guarantee the required working temperature
The machine is an essential to make sure the normal working condition for the device adopting constant current and constant pressure to cool in the condition of lacking water place ,bad quality of water and higher temperature.It can provide low temperature liquid to have multiple function of chemical reaction and medicine storage collocated with rotary evaporator,vacuum drying oven,circulating water multiple pump,magnetic force stirrer.It is especially used for different kinds of chemical biology ,physical lab which needed low temperature.It is the essential lab instrument for pharmacy,food industry,metallurgical industry and college scientific research.


Model:DLSB-10/10 Volume: 10L No load minimum temperature: -14°C Refrigerant Capacity: 1894-884W Flow: 20L/min Lift: 4-6m Tmeperature Range: -10°C Temperature Precision: ±0.2°C Power Supply: 220V/50Hz(220V/60Hz and 110V/60Hz available, please inquire us if your electric system has different VOLTAGE & HERTZ) Environment Temperature: 25°C Environment Humidity: 60-80% Ventilation Machine Dimension: 500*400*650(mm)



Dlsb-5/10 Recirculating Water Chiller รุ่น DLSB 5L-10