Digiblock Digester,รุ่นED16S,ยี่ห้อ Lab Tech

Digiblock Digester,รุ่นED16S

ยี่ห้อ LABTECH

ประเทศ USA

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Product Description

Part No. :                        LH7015

Max Temperature :  210℃

Temp accuracy :  ±0.2℃

Heating power :   1000W

Sample tubes : 16x100ml

Digestion hole (DxH)  :  44x50mm

Heating material :  PTFE coating/Al

L×W×H  :   38x28x19cm

Power Supply : 230V, 50/60Hz

Methods (i.e. 200.2, 200.7, 200.8, 200.9, 245.1, 365.1, 3010a, 3020b, 3050b, and 3060). LabTech DigiBlock is effective for the digestion and evaporation of samples, which simplifies and speeds up your preparation and has shown positive results for applications requiring higher throughput and lower waste. It is the most ideal equipment for heating digestion in the fields of chemistry, environment, food, pharmacy and biochemistry fields.
7 Good reasons to select LabTech advanced digiblock digester
  • Integrative circling heating design save 75% power than traditional hotplate, ensure high efficiency
  • Accurate temperature control through PID
  • High throughput(Max. 54 samples simultaneously) and high sample uniformity
  • Automatic temp. programming
  • Corrosion resistant for clean lab
  • Series port for separate control
  • Superior alarm function



Digiblock Digester,รุ่นED16S,ยี่ห้อ Lab Tech