1-10 mL , QSP™ Standard Pipette Tips Clear , Non-sterile

Cat.No. 010


Product Description

Product Description

QSP™ 1-200µl, QSP™ Gel Loading Tips , Non-sterile

  • Volume (Metric)  :  1-200µl
  • Packaging : 1000 tips/tray
  • Gel loading tip
  • |Purple rack

Thermo Scientific™

QSP™ Gel Loading Tips , Non-sterile

Related applications: Pipettes and Pipette Tips Loading acrylamide or agarose gels with standard pipette tips is a lengthy and tedious process. Choose from our standard round Gel Loading pipette tips for agarose gels and our specialized Ultra Round Gel pipette tips for your polyacrylamide gels.


QSP (Thermo Scientific)

QSP (Thermo Scientific)

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